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Southbank Tennis Club prides itself on being a family-friendly tennis club that welcomes all age groups and level of ability.


Importantly, we value ourselves on being an open, public community facility in the local area where everyone is welcome.


To continue to thrive and prosper in today’s competitive financial/time poor society, we aim to deliver on the following values identified by the Club and its committee:


  • Be a leader and ‘club of choice’ within the Glenelg Districts Tennis Association (GDTA)

  • Provide an open and available Club facility where members and non-members can come and play tennis

  • Promote a fun, healthy environment where people can keep fit in team-oriented sport competition

  • Promote social inclusiveness and responsibility, irrespective of age, sex, race, religion or physical/mental impairment

  • Promote behaviours and etiquette both on and off the court conducive to good sportsmanship, fair game and positive atmosphere

  • Develop initiatives and endeavours to build and maintain financial sustainability currently and in the future

Club Values



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